Strane Harbour

Strane London Dry Gin

No Ordinary Gin

Smögen’s gin sister, Strane is distilled in a 100 litre copper pot still with live flame and worm tub condenser. Unusually Strane is created by distilling three differently balanced base gins; junipery, citrusy and herbal, which are then blended to create three different expressions in bottle; Merchant Strength 47.4%, Navy Strength 57.1% and Uncut 76%. Distiller / Proprietor Pär Caldenby has a real eye for detail and his strategy has been to focus on London Dry first. Pär has borrowed ideas from whisky in his gin distillations, for example blending, and bottling at high strengths. In 2019 Scottish Field Magazine named Strane Uncut 76% the ‘Best Gin distilled outside Scotland’.

Strane is named after an old fishing village which has since merged with a neighbouring village to become Hunnebostrand, the nearest town to the Smögen distillery.

Strane London Dry Gin

Merchant Strength 47.4%

Strane's signature gin, bottled at 47.4% bristles with character. This is a classic London dry, led by herbal botanicals including juniper, coriander and mint. We suggest serving with Fevertree tonic garnished with basil or Fenitman's Rose Lemonade garnished with brambles. Skål!

47.4% / 500ml


Strane London Dry Gin

Navy Strength 57.1%

Distiller / proprietor Pär Caldenby served in the Swedish Navy, so it would be remiss of Strane not to offer their gin at the traditional Navy strength. This is more citrusy than the Merchant strength and we suggest serving with Fentiman's tonic, garnished with lime, or as a martini.

57.1% / 500ml


Strane London Dry Gin Uncut Strength 76%

Due to the unique way Strane is created, by distilling three base gins, then blending prior to the addition of water for bottling as Strane Merchant or Strane Navy, Distiller/ Proprietor Pär Caldenby became accustomed to sampling Strane at "uncut" strength. Pär felt Strane straight from the still, with its full on juniper explosion, was 'too good to hold back', which inspired the release of Strane Uncut back in 2015. Unwittingly creating what was then the World's Strongest Gin, and a new Uncut category of Gin.

Due to postal restrictions we do not currently sell Strane Uncut on-line. Strane Uncut stockists include Drinkfinder and J L Gill amongst others.