Smögen Distillery

Smögen Swedish Single Malt Whisky

The Smögen distillery was built in 2010 by Swedish lawyer Pär Caldenby, on Sweden’s west coast. The distillery is named after a nearby island. Pär is a whisky enthusiast turned whisky author, turned distiller. Smögen are known for their heavily peated single malts. Whilst small in comparison to Scotland, the distillery in principal follows the Scottish tradition, but is not bound by the rules of Scotch, so can be more experimental and transparent.

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Smögen 8 Years Old - Batch 2
Swedish Single Malt Whisky

Smögen's second 8 year old release, this time a vatting of seven first fill former Bourbon barrels and one former Sherry Hogshead, all distilled in 2012, and bottled in 2020 at 59.8%. This is Smögen in it's rawest form with plenty of Smögen’s trade mark peat smoke, balanced with light tones of vanilla, almond, ginger and a little fruitiness.

59.8% / 500ml

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Smögen 100 Proof Swedish Single Malt Whisky

This is a big whisky which will make an impact. Distilled from heavily peated optic barley and matured in sherry quarter casks for at least six years, this has been bottled at the traditional '100 Proof', equivalent to 57.1% vol. As always with Smögen this has has been bottled at natural colour and is non chill filtered.

57.1% / 500ml

Whilst we are currently sold out, try Master of Malt, The Whisky Exchange and Shop4Whisky.

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Smögen Sherry Quarters Swedish Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Sherry Project 2:2

With the subtitle Sherry Project 2:2, this is a follow up to the previous sherry project bottlings. Heavily peated malt matured in 120 litre sherry quarter casks has delivered a Single Malt with a powerful character and hints of fruit, walnuts, ginger and fudge. This is a limited edition of 1725 bottles, bottled at 61%.

61% / 500ml

Whilst we are sold out, try Master of Malt, Nickolls & Perks, The Whisky Exchange and Shop4Whisky.