Cihuatán Rum

Rum of Mayan Gods

Established in 2004, Licorera Cihuatán is the first and only Rum distillery in El Salvador. The distillery is a division of a sugar mill, that has been in production for over 100 years. Cihuatán’s great strength is that master distiller and blender Gabriela Ayla is able to oversee the entire Rum distilling process, from sugarcane seed selection to bottling. With a patient parent company the distillery has enjoyed the luxury of time to focus on aged rums, to be enjoyed neat or mixed in your favorite cocktail. Drawing inspiration from El Salvador’s Mayan heritage, who were insatiably curious, the distillery has married traditional rum crafting methods with an innovative forward thinking philosophy. This approach has allowed them to create one-of-a-kind rums, such as Cihuatán Xaman XO, uniquely finished in Mayan Ceiba casks.

The distillery is located in the Cihuatán valley, El Salvador. “Cihuatán” is a nahuat word which means “next to the woman”. Local legend suggests that many centuries ago, a Mayan goddess came to the valley and endowed it with fertile soils and riches. The goddess would intercede on behalf of the people of Cihuatán to grant them favours.

Invoke your curiosity and try Cihuatán Rum.

Cihuatán Indigo
8 Years Old Rum

Crafted as a homage to Tlaloc, the Mayan God of rain. Blue, the colour of Tlaloc, was crafted by the Mayan people from the Indigo flower.

Indigo has been matured for 8 years in former bourbon barrels and delivers hints of Vanilla, Cappuccino, Dark Chocolate, Lemon grass and Hazelnut.

40% / 700ml


Cihuatán Cinabrio
12 Years Old Rum

Created as a homage to Kinich Ahau, Mayan God of the sun, whose sacred colour is red. The Mayan people used the mineral Cinabrio to produce red dye.

Cinabrio has been matured for 12 years in former bourbon barrels and delivers Plum, Caramelised Orange Peel, Pistashio and Toasted oak on the taste.

40% / 700ml


Cihuatán Sahumerio
Limited Edition Rum

Sahumerio is a limited edition rum crafted as a celebration of love. A “Sahumerio” is an incense burner, in which the Mayan would burn treats for Chantico, the Mayan Goddess of love.

Inspired by the Mayan sahumerio rituals, Cihuatán’s master blender Gabriela Ayala has carefully blended 12 to 14 years old light and heavy rums to create Sahumerio, with a flavour profile that includes incense, honey, cacao butter, dried apricots and dried myrtle, to replicate the gifts the Maya would burn to celebrate love.

45.2% / 700ml


Cihuatán Xaman XO Rum

Named after Xaman, Mayan God of the North Star, protector of Cihuatán valley. Xaman was believed to rest on sacred Ceiba trees, the Mayan tree of life. Initially matured for 15 years in former bourbon barrels, Xaman XO is then finished for one year in specially crafted Mayan Ceiba barrels. This delivers a unique flavour profile of Panela Glazed Bacon, Clove, Balsamic Toast, Leather, Prunes and Grilled Pineapple.

40% / 700ml