Scotch and Swiss at The Whisky Show

Not long now until The Whisky Exchange's The Whisky Show in London. We'll be showing a selection of Angels' Nectar, Langatun and Seven Seals Whiskies on Stand 24, with some of our Swiss friends joining us for the show, over the weekend of the 1st to 3rd October.

Highlights on taste will include:

Angels’ Nectar Islay Rioja Cask Edition 46%
Our new Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky matured in former Rioja wine casks for seven years and bottled at 46%. The red wine casks have given this whisky a striking rosé colour and added a layer of fruitiness to the nose, akin to homemade blackcurrant jam. On the taste the peat, of the smouldering embers variety, emerges more strongly. A wonderfully balanced dram of sweet fruit and smoke.

Langatun Old Crow Swiss Single Malt Whisky 46%
Langatun’s first peaty (as opposed to smoky) whisky. Distilled from peat smoke dried barley, matured in former red wine casks, Old Crow delivers pleasant aromas of sweet peat smoke with notes of tobacco, dark chocolate along with red wine.

Seven Seals The Age of Scorpio 49.7%
The new zodiac line from Seven Seals looks to interpret the positive qualities of zodiac signs in taste, using their innovative accelerated maturation process. With The Age of Scorpio there is an old fashioned sweet shop on the nose, the taste is subtle and balanced with hints of vanilla, roasted nuts and polished oak, with a fruity finish. An elegant whisky of the highest order.

In addition this year as part of the show we have an on-line tasting on Tuesday the 5th at 4pm. Do join us in person and on-line!

PS. Don't forget to order your Scotch and Swiss Tasting from The Whisky Exchange, available here.