Just Landed: The Zodiac Line from Seven Seals Whisky

In the same way as the zodiac in astrology describes different traits of the human character, each sign of the zodiac also has certain virtues. Likewise the new Zodiac line from Seven Seals features single malt whiskies which demonstrate particular qualities.

Our first two releases from the new Zodiac line in the UK are The Age of Scorpio and the The Age of Aquarius. Like the previous releases from Seven Seals, these whiskies have been produced by finishing Swiss Single Malt Whisky using Seven Seals innovative accelerated maturation process. Developed by Dr Dolf Stockhausen this new patented technique for maturing whisky is efficient, quick, and environmentally friendly, without sacrificing quality, aroma or character.

With The Age of Scorpio there is an old fashioned sweet shop on the nose, the taste is subtle and balanced with hints of vanilla, roasted nuts and polished oak, with a fruity finish. An elegant whisky of the highest order.

Describing The Age of Aquarius, Dominic Roskrow, whisky writer, said;

smoke, spice and citrus fruits, but all delivered sweetly and gently. Think a festival of steam engines, when the oily smoke combines with the aromas from the popcorn stand, and the sweet candy floss. On the palate the fruits are soft and fluffy, the spices ordered, and the peat-sweet combination is to die for'.

Both are bottled at 49.7%, and presented in 500ml bottles with wooden gift boxes, with an RRP of 69.00. Amongst others look for the Seven Seals Zodiac line at Master of Malt, Shop4Whisky, and our own on-line store.

Challenge your preconceptions and try Seven Seals!