Delivery by Drone has Arrived

We are delighted to announce that we can now offer delivery of Angels’ Nectar Whisky by drone from our on-line store, across the Cairngorms National Park.

Our drone, named Angel1, operated in partnership with Polfloair Technology, can deliver one bottle at a time, up to 100 miles from our Grantown-on-Spey base. Angel1 flies at between 250ft and 350ft, with an average speed of 40mph. Our second drone, named Angel2, and currently being commissioned, will be able to deliver up to six bottles at a time.

Drone delivery offers exciting benefits for whisky fans:

By drone we can offer a same day delivery service, which, when Angel2 is launched, we will be able to improve to a three hour service, across the Cairngorms.

Reducing Whisky Miles
By courier a delivery from Grantown to Braemar goes via Inverness and Aberdeen, 195 whisky miles. By drone, our bottles can fly over the hills, just 25 whisky miles.

Covid Safe
Our autonomous Angels offer the ultimate solution to whisky delivery free of human interaction.

Environmentally Friendly
Angel1 and Angel2 are more or less silent when in flight, and will be recharged from renewable energy sources.

Access Remote Areas
If you run out of whisky anywhere in the Cairngorms, Angel1 can quickly and efficiently re-supply.

This is an exciting step for Angels’ Nectar, but drone delivery still faces some challenges, particularly with regards deliveries in urban areas, and a need to avoid flight paths, hence initially, with regret, we will only be offering this service to locations in the Cairngorms National Park.

Drone delivery will cost £14.21 per bottle, but for orders placed today we are offering free delivery. Please use the discount code April1st on www.highfern.com

Go on, let the Angels deliver your next bottle!