Cihuatán Sahumerio - In celebration of love

It's Valentines Day in less than two weeks! For the rum lover in your life may we suggest Cihuatán Sahumerio?

Inspired by Mayan sahumerio rituals, Cihuatán's master distiller and blender has carefully blended 12 years old and 14 years old barrels of both light and heavy rums, to create a limited edition rum with a flavour profile of incense, dried apricots, dried myrtle, floral honey and cocoa butter to replicate the gifts the Maya would burn in sahumerios to celebrate love. According to Mayan legend, fire was the symbol of love, and the eagle goddess Chantico was its guardian, thus every home would keep a sahumerio, a sacred vessel for fire which would burn night and day in honour of love.

Bottled in individually numbered bottles at 45.2%, Cihuatán Sahumerio has been beautifully presented in a gift box with a design that features Chantico.

Cihuatán Sahumerio can be savoured straight up, or for a taste of Central American sunshine try as a Peach Love Smash.

Amongst others Cihuatán Sahumerio is available from Distillers Direct, Drinkfinder, Gauntleys of Nottingham, Master of Malt, Rum Shop, Shop4Whisky, and of course right here.

Cheers to love!